The Leap of Faith!

The beautiful gift which I prefer to call as ‘Life’ would definitely not be the same if it were predictable and worked the way we want. Predictability would have come from having things getting carved out the way we plan for our lives ahead. When this is what we often desire for and eagerly look forward to, which is when we overlook this wonderful facet of life which gives it its inherent beauty and its inherent meaning.  


In this voyage, there are often times when we humans get entangled at the hands of destiny and our sought-after circumstances and it is an abrupt tendency to avoid facing the reality. There would be such trying times when we would hardly be wary of where we are heading to and what outcome an action of ours would bring about. There would be situations in which we are clueless and as such rendered helpless.   

When we find ourselves in situation(s) in which we no longer have any control of and it becomes too difficult to decipher which way to step ahead, the leap of faith comes into picture. The faith that things would ease out to the best of self not exactly knowing how they would, should be the core essence of our actions. Keeping ourselves moving in the right direction and in the righteous path is all we need to do. Keep holding on and do not yield easily. This is perhaps the time when we discover our true selves for our character that builds up during this time. It takes a great deal of courage and mindset to overcome our fears, which might pave a way to amazing thing(s) taking shape in life.  

If not positive, the result(s) would definitely be ‘peaceful’. After all, peace is such a rarity in this busy world we have built around ourselves. And who knows, happiness might just be at the doorstep!  ❤ 




‘The Secret’ – Revealed

If you just got reminiscent of Rhonda Byrne, then I won’t be surprised to know about her’s so much acclaimed book that’s seemingly transforming lives. Just finished with ‘The Secret’ and I am here to share my cents.

Didn’t take much time to finish off with the book as I could very well relate to the facts mentioned there in. The central theme of the book revolves just around ‘The Self’. It demystifies the various apprehensions humans carry at some or the other stage(s) of their lives. It starts with simple revelations and goes on to explain the utility while stressing on the importance of the same. The application(s) follow hence forth. The entire base lies upon – ‘You’ who’s the subject, object and the carrier of the controversial book. It has insights from several very renowned authors/businessmen who have contributed their part in substantiating the stated facts.

Rhonda has tried to teach its subjects that life is what and how we create out of it. Its our thoughts, desires, passion and dedication that drives the events of our lives. She has tried to very well explicate her reasoning with real life examples that seem no lesser than a miracle. She says negativity attracts negativity in our lives and as a result, fills in more of it into our lives. If we try to nullify this out with positivity, it can do wonders. As Paulo Coelho states in his famous book [one of my favorites too :D], the whole world conspires in getting the one that we diligently long for – the same line that was copied in OSO as well, Rhonda reiterates the same. If we can instill a sense of positivity in and around us with focus completely on the things we want to accomplish, we really can turn the clock around and see our dreams becoming a reality. To say the other way, we would be moulding our lives in the way we envision and want to witness in reality.

Another interesting thing that Rhonda has emphasized is – Hopes and Expectations. She urges the reader to start expecting the desired events while working towards the same. And, the entire process won’t be disappointing.

Well, one can relate to so many stated facts.. But, the circumstances differ for each one of us. There are many takeaways though. It’s completely up to the reader to take it the way life throws him/her in situations and ask him/her to deal with. Exact practical application seems bleak though. Nevertheless, quite many can easily be implemented and observed for results.

The book provides a perfect solace to a highly frustrated, dejected and demotivated individual who has lost all hopes in life. A motivating and enlightening read, it was.

And – Another Good Read, Indeed ! 🙂

P S – Time for the next 😛