A Decade!

In the milieu of endless conversations, pointless talks and countless wishes, looking back makes you feel like these years just passed by. We were just right there working on something and when you bring it on to the date, it feels so surprising to see how time really flies away in a whisker.

If I ever had to list as to what contributed to the best days/weeks/months/years of my life, it has to be the string of friendship. You know you are blessed when you have a family outside of your family. I truly have come to believe that no one else can teach you better than your friends. If I were to tag them as the lifelines, I would nowhere be wrong.

You all gave me so many memories for this lifetime. Which is why I am amazed to find the transformations I have been through owing to what I could learn from you all.

From the concept of sharing and caring to just being there, life does make one realize who your true friends are for the lifetime. This is a bond that surprisingly builds up with the time that doesn’t depend upon any other foundation. And this why friendship is the foundation of almost every relationship and which is why this would remain special for eternity!

Here’s is to the amazing bond we shared across these years that has been through the thick and thin of times. Here’s to the metamorphosis we all underwent owing to the experiences our lives threw at us.

To all the fighters who were persistent in their efforts and pursuits, my unfathomable respect and admiration for being a role model to how continued and consistent efforts bear fruits one day. You reinstated the concept of faith and perfectly depicted how not to give up ever.

My hearty thanks to all those who bore my tantrums and heard me patiently amidst all the chaos. You all are the gems I cannot even dream of. Thank you for being a part of this peregrination, which is undeniably unimaginable without you all.

Cheers ! ❤


Friendship – A Celebration!

The individual journeys we embarked upon,
Entwined us through a common medium,
From attending ‘at-times’ boring lectures,
To mass bunking the sessions,
We have done them altogether..

With copying of assignments and notes,
To helping out during all our examinations,
We have had our share,
Of a roller coaster ride..

Those first ever midnight birthday wishes,
Celebrations at one another’s place,
When consistent cake facials, leg pulling and pranks,
Were no longer tagged as misnomers,
Hardly did we realize every time,
These memories were for the lifetime..

Even as we grew apart and our paths diverged,
And our lives made us more indulged,
Our bonding just deepened..

Amidst the darkest of my times,
You were my strength,
Who stood the test of time,
During my highs and the uncertainty,
And I knew, I had the treasure for eternity..

Those unanticipated calls and hangouts,
Those long pointless digressive talks,
Catching up after ages,
Make me pour out pages,
Reminiscing and laughing out at ourselves,
Only imply things had been all the same..

At every instance, you have been there to share,
Find you beside when hardly people care,
Thank you for ‘being there’..

Our lives are a lot different now,
But our hearts are still the same,
The special people in my life,
Who made it colorful, vibrant and worth living,
Thanks a lot for bearing my ranting,
Listening to my gibberish chattering,
Helping me out when I was floundering..

You are the family outside my family,
Cheers to the base of every relation,
That trust has always had its foundation,
The lifeline, lifelong bonding..

Happy Friendship Day! ❤

P S – Cannot help but mention this lovely line from F.R.I.E.N.D.S..

“I will be there for you..
For you were there for me too!”

Freunde fürs Leben !

Mark Twain once said.. 

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

 Can we all relate to this ? Atleast I can. Picked this up from a lovely site – GoodReads.com.

 Though I cannot attribute the individualistic contribution of each of these factors, I can atleast say – Friends are my life. Yes, it’s the friendship week this time around and the markets are flooded with Friendship Bands / bracelets / gifts / thumb rings to let people provide their testimony towards friendship. Indian Culture has not specified this but it is the West that has influenced the minds of the youth that seems to provided another way to say cheers to life that has given us one of the most precious gifts of life – FRIENDSHIP !

 Here goes a small gesture from my end for all my friends that I was introduced to – Just to echo what life has bestowed upon me. 

“Just when I thought my world was limited to family..

Strangers encroached my space sneakingly..

With them, time flew away most of the day..

When actually shyness, timidity and reservedness kept me at bay..

Selfishness ensured I never taste what friendship was all about..

Made me run away and avoid people day in and out..

Had my share of fights, misunderstandings and gossips..

Realized later on – that was what life had to teach me on..

School days swept away and memories faded..

Since the mind had no particular person jaded..

Came my college days and beyond with new hopes and rays..

Group studies, assignments, experiments became routine of the passing days..

Never knew were actually creating a strong bond of friendship in the midst..

Troubles and turmoils moulded us together..

Outings, parties, birthdays became order of the day..

No one had any complaint to say..

Till this day, those moments of – laughs, tears, pain, misunderstandings, scoldings, mockery, fun, togetherness –  we cherish..

Will never let them lighten away or perish..

Distance might keep us apart..

But not our hearts..

Such a strange bonding even when we are not from the same ancestry..

Such is life that has had this in history..

Never knew it would become so special..

Lucky to have them and wish to prolong the same..

Finally, Its never ever late to say,

Happy Friendship Day ! 🙂 “


P.S. – To All My Friends for being in my life.. A Huge Thanks ! 🙂