The Emperor Of All Maladies!

Ah! This is one no less than an exhaustive book in itself. I had always been intrigued by the essence of the term called ‘Cancer’ and wanted something to dig deep into. And I found this gem. Siddhartha Mukherjee has done a wonderful job in coming up with this book that is all about this dreaded disease.

Look at the title, it is so catchy and such a perfect symbolism. This is a huge book that needs to be read inattention. It is more of a compilation of the history of cancer. It talks about the early cases, detection and remedies of cancer that were sought out. It enlists various cases describing how the research on cancer progressed and how the concept of ‘chemotherapy’ came into existence. Sidney Farber is known as the father of chemotherapy.

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It gives insights into how the understanding of a cellular disease as this gradually evolved. This was in accordance with the several attempts that were made to have people get cured of this deadly disease. The author primarily mentions quite a handful of cases of leukemia and also talks about other forms of cancer.

This book is a great guide towards understanding;

~ What cancer is all about?
~ What causes cancer?
~ How the medicines/cure for cancer came up?
~ What techniques had been sought after and/or are still relevant towards treating cancer?

I am in awe of this book that introduced me to a different world of cells and genetics. I could relate how the author talked about the symptoms that develop or become observable which eventually get diagnosed as ‘cancer’.

There has been an extensive study on this and this book clearly highlights as to where are we when it comes to cancer treatment. There is still a long way to go in order to make this world cancer-free.

A highly recommended book, especially for all those who find the field of medicine and/or genetics highly enticing!

Happy Reading! 🙂


A Fight That’s Worth!

I have come to believe that you are worth a lot and immensely lucky if;

  • You have your family standing by your side acting as your pillar of strength, no matter how the time shows up like at different stages of your life.
  • You are bestowed with all the love of your family, friends, and relatives – love that is inexplicably unconditional and pure.
  • You are groomed to turn into an individual who is self-sufficient and independent.
  • You have a purpose to live on and have realized what you are meant for.
  • And most importantly, you are blessed with the best of health.

This is a special post in which I would like to introduce an amazing couple, Mr. Nitesh Prajapat and Mrs. Dimple Parmar. I was oblivious to their existence until last week when an article on took me by storm. They have recently graduated from the prestigious, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. Apparently, they also happen to be friends of a close friend of mine.

It was when Mr. Nitesh had just incubated his startup and was working towards it while juggling alongside his studies, life had different plans for him.

Strangely enough, we often are so engrossed in the world of our own problems that we fail to see the big picture. When we are crying over the small things in life, this gentleman, Mr. Nitesh has everything but the last.

He was diagnosed with Stage III ColoRectal Cancer in mid-2016 when he was just a year old at IIM C. And then ensued a series of tests and treatments ranging from surgery and radiation therapies to several cycles of chemotherapy. As I studied about his case [for I have a particular interest in the field of Cancer Research and have come to know a bit of this and that], I just could not fathom the level of endurance this person has. Hats off!

And then when they were optimistic of clean results this June/July 2017, it was a major blow to learn that his cancer has metastasized and has spread to lungs and few other organs, accounting to 12 tumors. He is now at his final stage, stage IV which is when the doctors have shown a little hope of recovery/cure/survival, though there seems to be some stability. He has been advised clinical trials in the US via which there are people who seem to have recovered well.

This implies how this wonderful personality is who still has not given up on life and is battling this deadly disease. He still hopes to recover well, especially for the efforts and patience levels of his ‘angel’, Mrs. Dimple, who is a true epitome of love and perseverance. She stood by him all the time and is not leaving any stone unturned in the conquest of coping with cancer. A big salute to this lady!

Since they must have spent a lot of amounts already, the clinical trials are no joke [My research on this never-heard term tells me]. It seems to be costing around 3+ crores INR which is why they have turned to us for help. Let’s do our bit in helping this couple fight this demon and prove the power of our unity and strength. Let’s contribute in ways we can to see Mr. Nitesh get back to normalcy and live a life the couple has always dreamt of.

You may read more about their story at the below links;

And, below are the links for donation;

It’s an earnest request to not overlook this and share this across for there still needs to be more funds collected [~ 150,000 USD].

Hoping and praying for a successful recovery! Let’s join hands in fighting this battle!

The Future Of Complex Surgeries!

The field of study such as medicine is so enticing and alluring that I somehow get hooked to whatever relates well and is off my professional life. I revere the surgeons no less than Gods for I believe they have the skills and knowledge to grant us a new life. This is a field wherein a small mistake can cost a lot and this is what makes surgery a challenging task. Making mistakes is human but I wonder how do these surgeons develop such strength and perfection when it comes to their profession.  

This took me to watch this wonderful TED talk [the link of which is at the end of this post]. Dr. Peter Weinstock talks about the main problems that prevail when it comes to handling complex surgeries. For instance, he mentions a very rare case of a newly born baby who has intestines nearby the region of the heart and vice versa. Fixing and enabling the baby to survive is an onerous task in itself. Also, such surgeries are quite rare but require quite an amount of practice.   


Can we even get struck with a thought how Hollywood can come to the rescue of the surgeons and help them increase the success rates of such complex surgeries ? This brilliant talk is about utilizing the special effects used in Hollywood to carve out the replicas of the patients and perform a ‘mock’ surgery. The 3D prints would have inputs from the CT scans, MRI scans and the like, that would produce a near perfect replica. As such, the theme – ‘Operate twice, cut once’ can be achieved.   

I believe this would also help the surgeons to be better prepared for such scenarios. However, there needs to be a lot of investment on the technology front, the efforts and the time. But this is nothing when it comes to saving a life.   

I now realize the true potential of technology and how impactful it to our lives when put to the apt usage.  

Do spare few minutes out to watch this mind-blowing talk at 

Whistling Silence!

This post is not going to be a formal book review but is a collection of myriad emotions. A one of its kind ever, I am still in awe of the conceptualization and turning it into reality which no less than a wonder in itself. We often embark upon journeys keeping in view of our destination but tend to burn out owing to the obstacles on the way. This book is a perfect epitome of what dedication and perseverance actually appeal like.


I could have never ever in my dreams wondered how a simple blog on a platform like Quora could be turned into a book one fine day. This book, Whistling Silence is the product of the vision, hard work and dedication put in order to have amateur poets published.

This anthology is a collection of poems by 47 amateur poets who hardly knew each other before but were united to stand for a single goal. The themes are myriad and enough to leave the reader in awe of the different ideas one can come up with.

When we often tend to think more or less on similar lines, this book made me think how important it is to look beyond the obvious. It made me trespass the invisible boundaries I restrained myself within. This opened up the box of thoughts that have encouraged me to take up writing on different aspects.

I just fell in love with the way the book has been brilliantly organized. From acknowledgments till the poems end, there is so much to purity within.

The official launch was on 21 May 2017 at Title Waves, Mumbai. Dr. Swati Lodha, an eminent personality in the field of art was the guest of honor.

I simply lack words to thank the entire Core Team in making this dream come true. I learnt how overcoming barriers, being resilient and focussing on the goal lead one to the path of success. This is just a beginning. There is more to this.

A definite read! 🙂

A Decade!

In the milieu of endless conversations, pointless talks and countless wishes, looking back makes you feel like these years just passed by. We were just right there working on something and when you bring it on to the date, it feels so surprising to see how time really flies away in a whisker.

If I ever had to list as to what contributed to the best days/weeks/months/years of my life, it has to be the string of friendship. You know you are blessed when you have a family outside of your family. I truly have come to believe that no one else can teach you better than your friends. If I were to tag them as the lifelines, I would nowhere be wrong.

You all gave me so many memories for this lifetime. Which is why I am amazed to find the transformations I have been through owing to what I could learn from you all.

From the concept of sharing and caring to just being there, life does make one realize who your true friends are for the lifetime. This is a bond that surprisingly builds up with the time that doesn’t depend upon any other foundation. And this why friendship is the foundation of almost every relationship and which is why this would remain special for eternity!

Here’s is to the amazing bond we shared across these years that has been through the thick and thin of times. Here’s to the metamorphosis we all underwent owing to the experiences our lives threw at us.

To all the fighters who were persistent in their efforts and pursuits, my unfathomable respect and admiration for being a role model to how continued and consistent efforts bear fruits one day. You reinstated the concept of faith and perfectly depicted how not to give up ever.

My hearty thanks to all those who bore my tantrums and heard me patiently amidst all the chaos. You all are the gems I cannot even dream of. Thank you for being a part of this peregrination, which is undeniably unimaginable without you all.

Cheers ! ❤

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership!

I found myself glued to this book in no time for this was based on one of my topics of interest – Leadership. To add on, nonfiction is something that appeals me faster than a work of fiction.

John Maxwell illustrates lucidly his observations about leadership over the years through ample of relatable instances. This helps the reader get connected with his writing intentions and carry on with the flow. The reader would be left with the view of how leadership is always more of an observable experience that makes way for the learning to happen. Some traits are inborn, some are developed over time and need.

Below is the way I summarize the takeaways from this thought-provoking book.

  • Rule # 1 – The Law of Effectiveness

The author conveys with the example of how McDonald’s rose to fame that leadership is about effectiveness. He says the more effective the leadership is, the more is the outcome and the success rate keeping dedication same.

  • Rule # 2 – The Law of Influence 

The author says one cannot lead if one cannot influence. That’s how the impact is felt around.

  • Rule # 3 – The Law of Process 

Leadership is a continuous process of learning and growth. It is the consistency that should drive an individual and the result(s) would show up eventually.

  • Rule # 4 – The Law of Navigation

Charting out the course in a planned manner helps in tackling with unforeseen circumstances. And, preparation is the key.

  • Rule # 5 – The Law of E F Hutton

When a true leader speaks, the world listens.

  • Rule # 6 – The Law of Solid Ground 

The foundation of leadership is trust that renders a solid ground.

  • Rule # 7 – The Law of Respect 

People respect and follow leaders who are stronger than they are.

  • Rule # 8 – The Law of Intuition 

True leaders evaluate with their inherent instincts and other intangible factors. They use this to solve real world problems.

  • Rule # 9 – The Law of Magnetism 

Leaders attract people with similar personalities.

  • Rule # 10 – The Law of Connection

Leaders tend to first connect with people through heart and then ask for the hand.

  • Rule # 11 – The Law of Inner Circle 

A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him/her. The strength of the people falling in the inner circle directly/indirectly impact the overall execution of the leader.

  • Rule # 12 – The Law of Empowerment 

Only secure leaders give power to others. Becoming dispensable makes a true leader indispensable. It’s the practice of uplifting others that show the real potential of a leader.

  • Rule # 13 – The Law of Reproduction 

It takes a leader to raise up a leader. It takes one to know one, show one, and grow one.

  • Rule # 14 – The Law of Buy-in 

People buy into the leader and then the vision.

  • Rule # 15 – The Law of Victory 

Leaders find a way for their team to win. Leaders who practice the Law of Victory believe that anything less than success is unacceptable. And they have no Plan B. That keeps them fighting.

  • Rule # 16 – The Law of Big Mo 

Momentum is a leader’s best friend. If your desire is to do great things with your organization, never overlook the power of momentum. It truly is the leader’s best friend. If you can develop it, you can do almost anything.

  • Rule # 17 – The Law of Priorities 

Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment. Prioritize based on what gets most of the work done.

  • Rule # 18 – The Law of Sacrifice 

A leader must give up to go up.

  • Rule # 19 – The Law of Timing 

When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go. Only the right action at the right time will bring success. Anything else exacts a high price.

  • Rule # 20 – The Law of Explosive Growth 

To add growth, lead followers. To multiply, lead leaders.

  • Rule # 21 – The Law of Legacy 

A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession. A leader’s lasting value will be measured by succession.

 Some of the lines from the book that caught my attention;

“Character makes trust possible. And trust makes leadership possible.” 

“When the right leader and the right timing come together, incredible things happen.” 

The concepts in the book are definitely worth trying out over and over. This is one of the most interesting reads I ever had on leadership. Worth reading all over!

Still Holding On!

In my world of emptiness, 

You were the gleam of happiness, 

Those rays of hope, 

Were all I ever craved for. 


Receding my growing feelings, 

That never got to get kindled, 

How do I express the pain, 

Of this excruciating slain ?! 


Turning me numb, 

Making me lifeless, 

I struggle to get back, 

To my actual senses. 


Even before the sun rose, 

The night never really dawned, 

Behind the smile and composure, 

I carry dabbed tears alike. 


Wandering away from every thought, 

Reminiscing the minutest moment, 

You still somewhere lurk around, 

When moving on is the only ground. 


There are still questions abound, 

Spending days pondering around, 

Pacifying and looking for answers to, 

Why do I still hold on to you ?