On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft!

This is Stephen King’s first book I took up to dig into his thoughts about writing. The curious kid in me had somehow got hold of this pretty famous book.  

As I kick started, I found the book to follow a storyline, as against my expectation of being more of a self-help book. Stephen talks about his initial days, the struggles he has had and how he keeps up with his writings and publications while dealing with personal experiences. This section is more of a narrative piece that simply goes on.  

As I keenly awaited for the actual content to catch my attention, I see a separate section completely dedicated to ‘On Writing’. Ah! I get to feel this is the point I and may be fellow writers like me had been waiting for!   

And then there he is, hitting on the main pointers when it comes to the technicalities about writing. He elaborates about some pillars of writing with their usage, importance and building them up;  

  1. Vocabulary 
  2. Grammar 
  3. Parts of speech 
  4. Elements of style 

It’s such a pleasure to read about Stephen talking about how one should take up the discourse to writing. He gives away noteworthy pointers to the readers with ample instances.  

Stephen emphasizes a lot on mastering the fundamentals of writing by getting a good grip on them. And then he extends his argument to imply that it takes a great deal of hard work, persistence, nd dedication to reach up to the next level of being a writer. He then proceeds to stress on how important is reading towards writing. Stephen also sheds an ample amount of time in explaining about the importance of building characters and storytelling, which is his genre.  

Stephen, then elaborates more about drafting and proofreading. And towards the end, leaves the reader with his personal choice of recommended books.  

Few of my favorites lines from the book would include – 

“Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.”  

“Writing is seduction. Good talk is a part of seduction.” 

“But there is that matter of commitment, whether a book is good or bad, a failure or a success. Words have weight.”  

“Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.”  

“The real importance of reading is that it creates an ease and intimacy with the process of writing.”  

“The more you read, the less apt you are to make a fool of yourself with your pen or word processor.”  

“When you’re writing, you’re creating your own worlds.”  

“You learn best by reading a lot and writing a lot, and the most valuable lessons of all are the ones you teach yourself.”  

“Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.”  

A definite worth-reading book for all those budding writers around! 🙂


Poetry And Stuff!

Poetry has always been on my mind and I feel it is the most precise and loveliest form to express oneself. You just have to be your best self. After years when I didn’t get back to poetry, the dormant passion came to life and I found myself struggling to get a start. I had started reading poetry over numerous platforms but then the kick starter was missing. This post, after days together, serves to say aloud how I found the key and didn’t look back!

When you are up on a theme, get your devices ready first. By devices I mean the ones we are comfortable with. For some, a laptop works and for some, a mere pen and a paper. When ready, just start pouring out yourself in the truest of the sense. Just whatever comes to your mind should reflect in words you type or write out. This is how you get the flow. A small ignition is enough for the fire. You would realize you end up writing more than you ever thought you would.

A basic draft is now ready. All you need to do for a perfect outcome is streaming out the content in the right sense so that a meaningful result is obtained. A common myth is that poems should have rhyming words. No, it need not. Don’t just go looking out and focusing on creating rhymes. Just focus on the theme. Great, if there were rhyming that only adds charm to the reading. Now, decide how the flow should emerge out. Then, form the phrases and all accordingly by filtering out from the content drafted earlier. Make sure each line is not too long. All in all, I would ask to develop your style and keep pouring out.

A good poem I feel should be short, precise and to the point. One of the good things I feel about poetry is we need not worry about the grammar rules and sense. If the emotions are depicted well, the notion gets conveyed inherently and there the reader is connected.

In addition, be always on the lookout of an inspiration. Inspirations can drive a lot many things. Keep reading some awesome poems from books and sites like the Poetry Foundation and poets.org.

Becoming great at poetry evolves over time. So keep writing and keep up the spirit! ❤

The Writer’s Club!

Okay, so it was one fine day I remember vaguely that I somehow got to know about an interesting site called as ‘meetup.com’. I was amazed to find the innumerable clubs around that made me hooked to the site and kept looking for more.

The reading and writing enthusiast in me stumbled upon this clan called as the ‘Write Club, Hyderabad’. There is this amazing lady – Sravanthi T who is the admin of the group and manages to conduct meets regularly on Saturdays here in Hyderabad. I somehow made it to the meet for the first time yesterday at Banjara Hills.

A hot evening again with not-so-surprising absence of power and we have few people already up for the meet. Being a first timer, I felt a bit awkward and reserved as I hardly knew anyone there. There comes Sravanthi who carries an unbelievable awesome aura around that helps everyone around get the feel of a writer’s mind. We were around 13 in the bunch. The session was hosted by a pretty lady, Susan. And then we were a mix of IT professionals with myriad experiences, teachers, research scholars, actors, editors and the like. Definitely, a healthy mix of individuals from differing backgrounds.

The Write Club has a host who puts up a theme for the day and each one of us have to prepare a write up based on that in an hour or so. Post this, we all start reading around with our plots and critique on the same. An interesting lady there echoed with the purpose of this club – making each one of us write about genres we are not even familiar about. That’s how the different flavors of writing within us gets the going. Everyone with a different perspective puts up his/her thoughts and that’s so good to hear. Such distinct styles of writing.. Wow! 🙂

Some were humorous on their parts, some had excellent story lines that related to their background somehow and some went back in time to reminiscence the old golden days.

Overall, a nice and interesting experience. This would definitely help evolve the writer in me!

P S – Check out the club at Write Club, Hyderabad!

The Inherent Joy Within Writing !

It was just when I got a random thought to pen down my thoughts on taking up writing that I realized its worth. Our thoughts are like wanderers. They come and pass by without notice. A thought struck now can vanish away in no seconds. And, probably that is the reason why there are people who carry a notepad and pen with them every other place they visit so that the thoughts don’t really wander away before put on the paper. 

School days made me realize my writing skills that was recognized by my teachers and perceived well. However, I lost touch during my college days. It’s now that I realize how important writing is to me that I have taken it up again !

Amateurish may sound my writing skills.. But, writing is the activity that keeps me pacified. It allows me to express myself [a poorly developed skillset] in the way I am. I need not even think about what others are going to think and interpret out of this. The freedom is mine in its entirety. I am not bounded by any shackles. There are no limits to the thoughts that arise out of this very moment that I have sat down to share my perceptions.

A careful analysis will point out that the most important aspect of writing is developing a well defined thought process. Yes, I meant streamlining of the thought process to reflect clarity of thought, perception and expression. Writing, very unlike thoughts, is not a random task. It needs careful analysis and decision making to produce a final output. One just can go and brag about a likened thing by concluding first and then introducing it to the audience whereby you actually have lost their much desired attention, interpretation and reaction. Probably, this is one feature that we even unknowingly execute while delivering a speech or an colloquial conversation on a trivial subject. Just a spark is needed that ignites the next process and in the process, we find a well written page of our life in front of our eyes !

Writing needs a skeleton and this skeleton provides a well-defined structure to the thoughts and hence their expression or execution. You start reflecting on a topic of your interest and analyze it from various fronts. This helps a lot in decision making process. This way we create our own thoughts that can differentiate us.

There are other things as well packaged with writing. We learn the correct usage of a word or a phrase. Eventually, time makes us perfect in this facet. Each phase of life that cannot be captured in its entirety in photographs / videos / memories take the forms of verbiage.

However, writing is not less than a mammoth task. The perfect audience needs to be identified and writing in a way that the target audience won’t fall to the traps laid by differing perceptions is the ultimate challenge.

In the end, the most beautiful joy I derive is satisfaction. I get a feeling that there is someone to listen to me without any complaints and restrictions. I am a free bird. My thoughts are not rebuked at. The feelings I cannot express with words can be expressed well in writing. The same holds if I have something within myself that I cannot share with anyone else. Then I know.. Yes, I have a true companion – My Diary !

Probably, once in a lifetime, if we get to revisit these pages of life.. We can relive those phases and probably learn from the mistakes / lessons of life for our good and the good of others.

Happy Writing ! 🙂