Wings Of Fire!

A simple yet fascinating read about the journey of a great common man as Sir APJ Abdul Kalam. The book illustrates the way Kalam has led his life and how dedicated he was towards what all he aimed at in life. There are many one or two liners/excerpts as mentioned by Kalam that really influence the reader. In addition, there are poetic stanzas here and there to depict the circumstance(s). Few of Kalam’s scribblings have been mentioned that reflect the way Kalam used to think. Then, the book talks about his contributions to defence, thereby setting an apt example of how one can accomplish one what desires. It’s all about the passion and perseverance and that one always needs to know the direction of sail, no matter what the existing circumstances are.


Movie Review – Nenu Sailaja!

“I love you but.. I am not in love with you!”

Baffling, right?! So were we until we watched the movie.

The first movie of the year [for me atleast], Nenu Sailaja has altogether a different feeling to offer. I had been Ram’s fan for sometime, especially for his superb dancing skills and hence this movie with such an interesting trailer had a lot to offer to the viewers, especially me. Probably, the first it was when I booked tickets without even knowing the reviews and glad that it turned out well.

Set in the beautiful backgrounds of Vishakhapatnam and Araku, Nenu Sailaja is a simple, cute and innocent love story about two individuals [blended with family values and bonding] – Hari and Sailaja who get connected in their childhood only to discover true love in one another later on. As they say, they were destined to be for each other. Sailaja is a very introvert and shy personality who has had a troubled childhood owing to the frequent absence of her father in her life. On the other side of the coin is Hari who is full of exuberance and ebullience and tries to flirt with every other girl until he meets Sailaja, for whom he eventually falls for.

Though with a predictable climax, I found some real interesting things about the movie. It’s a light comic movie that is shorter than usual [almost 2 hours 15 minutes] and has no actual/dedicated comedians to it, as is a common view. The characters with their natural acting and responsiveness lend a humor touch even in the climax scenes. I must appreciate the dialogues that were so witty and practical. There are again a few goons and their gang which I thought would be crucial to the movie as in every other Telugu movie. However, to my surprise, they were just an add on. The director has cleverly used the villains to give a boost to the story while adding a comic element too. The locations were so picturesque that one can easily get lost in the beauty of the nature. Another pleasing aspect was of course DSP’s musical rendition, which again scored well for me and have been looping in my mind from the time I am back 😛

Ram and Keerthy Suresh were simply great in their performances. They complemented each other really well. Ram has impressed me to a large extent again. Though, I wished to see more of his dancing skills, the movie showcased a new look and feel to Ram. Really mesmerized with his skills. Keerthy looked simple, yet so ravishing throughout the movie. 

All I take away from the movie is we should keep trying and never fall back. What’s meant to be will always find a way, be it your true love or something else. And, most importantly, the importance of a family and the bonding of togetherness that nothing/no one else can give.

Really an awesome start to 2016.. Looking forward to some fun-filled moments, lessons, rich experiences, happiness, joy, good health and peace of mind to follow in the 363 days ahead in 2016.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.. Make every day count! ❤

A Tale of Intense Unsaid Emotions – Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

An unexpected turnout to the movie theater especially for a not-so Bollywood fan in me. Thanks to my friend who took me for this Salman Starrer that’s been garnering attention all over, especially when the ‘Baahubali’ fever is still on.

As typical the name sounds, so much interesting is the movie in itself. Heard that the two movies I mentioned about, share a common writer. Kudos! No wonder why this movie is of an average Telugu movie duration.

None of us is unescaped from the charm and charisma of the child prodigy, Harshaali Malhotra, leaves over us with only a single instance. She’s the real star of the movie. What’s ironical is that this pretty lively girl just manages with her innocent expressions and doesn’t speak a word throughout the movie, only until the end – where the emotional outburst is simply not controllable [especially for emotionals like me :P], yet leaves an indelible impression on our minds.

Set in the backdrop of the likes of Kashmir/North India, the start mesmerizes me with the beautiful sceneries. The story then revolves around Harshaali who is a Pakistani, only to reveal later on that she can’t speak. In the quest to get her daughter cured, the mother embarks a journey towards a famous place in India known to be a source of panacea. 

However, as destiny has it, Harshaali gets lost and separated from her mother and lands herself in North India, which is where she gets hold of Salman Khan, an ardent Shri Hanuman Devotee. An innocent, calm, strictly vegetarian, honest and Samaritan Salman though annoyed with the kiddo initially, stays with her and vows to get her back home. The duo develop a special unexplained bonding. 

In all, a poignant story whose initial half is a bit drag. Nevertheless, it’s the second half that’s in store for the audience. A sweet surprise was Nawazuddin Siddique’s entry. He plays a crucial role. Must say, he lends in a perfect touch to the story as it progresses. If you are awaiting some humorous moments, the second half has to offer you some.

Well, Salman is no less. In spite of so many hurdles/roadblocks without a direction/guidance, he sets out with whatever it takes, just for the sake of the kiddo, until he helps her find her home back. And yes, be ready to shed some tears as the story nears the end.

A beautiful piece so rare to witness these days. Applauds for the actors and everyone connected. 

A must watch! Sends out some excellent messages to all of us, some important reflections of life and that Humanity is above everything!

The Fault In Our Stars !

My first book by John Green. Really liked the way he writes. No complications. Expressions are subtle and as appropriate. 

This book is about a Cancer Patient, Hazel Grace and the story revolves around her life that’s not so normal as everyone else. The story has been woven not taking into the details of Cancer inflicting Hazel’s life in a horrendous way, very much unlike a reader would expect the course to follow. Hazel has her own way of life owing to her disease. But, she’s a fighter. That’s one of the most important takeaways from the book. She lives her life very much as a normal girl would. She’s the only daughter of her parents who love her unconditionally and afraid to lose her. In the course of her treatments and other exercises she’s supposed to undertake, she gets to meet the Love of her life, Augustus Waters aka Gus, who himself is a victim of Cancer. The bonding they share is simply adorable. The story continues with how Gus fulfills her wish and how they stand by each other in every phase of their lives .

Overall, an appreciative piece of work that gets even more interesting as one plunges deep into the simple yet beautiful story of Hazel and Gus !

Highly recommended !