Joy of Giving Week Special @ IIM A

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”  ― Winston Churchill

Well, they say the health is all our wealth and nothing else is actually more important. But how much are we really ensuring we live a healthy life ? Being healthy is just not a one moment process, it’s a continuous undertaking that ensures we are on track. A crucial dimension without which the feasibility looks bleak is sanitation that is enroute to this pursuit. Might seem a plain simple word but the implications of not adhering can be mind boggling. How simple it is to keep ourselves sanitized but are we really doing it ?

Sanitation follows the way charity does. Yes, it begins at home. Our mothers are probably the first beings who have always cared about the importance of sanitation – who of course have been a tutor to us as well. Few simple practices that they have taught have helped us keep diseases at bay. Sanitation is just not personal but societal. As much as we are responsible for our good, the same holds for our fellow beings as well. We might strive to keep ourselves and our houses neat and clean. But, have we ventured our surroundings and actually evaluated how good they are ?

We have progressed way ahead in terms of industrial revolution and advances in science and technology. The quality of life and life expectancy have definitely seen an surge. Advancements have increased our comforts and accessibility to basic necessities. However, the other side of the coin doesn’t reflect the same. We live in an era where we are fine with filthy surroundings that are only to be mocked at. We are okay with dirtying a public place when the same is not tolerated in our private places. Witnessing a large pool of dustbin contents right next in the neighborhood is one of the most common visual treats a foreigner gets to see.

Not to forget, it is the poorer masses who are not even aware how important it is to sanitize.  We still have larger parts of the country seeing the dearth of basic amenities – leave sanitation that only looks a distant dream. The villagers are hardly aware of the essentials of cleanliness who eventually fall prey to deadly diseases – only to go unnoticed. Public places are probably the most clean less places in the country for the sole reason that we as individuals hardly care [even though we are a part of the crew who use them] and the government still lacking efforts to cover these up. It is not uncommon to see government schools lacking even basic washroom facilities. The worse is the unhygienic conditions in villages where mothers deliver their kids. Our already scarce natural resources are further spoiled with effluents from the industries who probably do not find another source to dump their wastes. Few festivities result in immersion of masses of idols into our already polluted rivers.

It’s time to care for the society as much as we care for our own good. It is really encouraging to see the Modi Government taking appreciable efforts in this regard with the launching of the Rs 100 Crore Project [with Tata Consultancy Services] dedicated to provide basic toiletry facilities in schools. But, we still have a long way to go. The biggest weapon in our hand is education. An educated being would understand the importance of living in a sanitized world and help fellow mates in carrying out the same. A responsible one would even try to ensure his surroundings are clean/sanitized. We can even have Sanitation drives happening as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility undertakings at the corporate levels, that would have far reaching impact.

Afterall, sanitation is also a necessity of life . It is ultimately in our hands how we envision our country. A little effort from our end would contribute immensely to the overall health of India. Finding out the actual problematic areas and resolving the inherent issues out would really make a huge difference. The nations health is in the health of its citizens now.  Lets not forget our responsibilities towards the society. Be diligent and lets make a better India !

P S – Can’t really express in words how elated I am to know this entry has won me a ticket to experience the life of a PGP student at the country’s prestigious – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad ! 😀 😀


Safety In Your Hands !

It’s the Road Safety Week this week around being celebrated at office. A very sensitive issue that needs our immediate attention.

Reports say India in among the countries that has recorded one of the highest rates of road accidents and the consequent deaths. And, this is something very alarming.

Road Safety Week !

Road Safety Week !

With so many headlines on road accidents striking the news every other day , TCSers ensured they constituted at least 40% of the same – just a rough estimate. Every other news headline popping up on your feeds must have carried the TCS tag – be it in Mumbai, Chennai or else where. It’s just not that TCSers are at stake but everyone else as well. An analysis says most deaths occur due to road mishaps. Bearing all these in mind, our CEO, N Chandra, has made it a point to ensure ‘Zero’ deaths in and around the vicinity. And as such, the TCS Safety Week at our Office locations starting 21st July till the 25th.

When you go back and analyze the factors contributing largely to the road accidents, we see many are quite avoidable.  Of all the reasons that I can think of, following is the categorization;

– Not following the prescribed traffic rules.

– Distractions.

– Lack of awareness of traffic /riding related information over roads.

– Negligence.

– Other factors .

No surprises in guessing one of the important factors – breaking traffic rules and regulations. How often are we not tempted to break through the impeding traffic signal and rush through for an urgent meeting or so ? How enthralling is it to over speed ? I know not all break the rules or not all over speed, but don’t we realize these are the people who often fall prey to such acts of riders who actually break signals and over speed ? Riding on the wrong side just to save time is another treat here. All of these are valid in major cities with exponentially rising population but even the small towns are no less victims. I think the very concept of ‘footpath’ is likely to be replaced with “riders’ path” as hardly pedestrians get to walk over the space meant for them in big cities. A FaceBook status has just hit my mind –

“Generally, people ride on the left of the road. But, in Bangalore, people ride on what is left on the road.”

How true ! This can even be generalized to other cities.

There was an era of Landlines. Wireless phones replaced them. Then, came mobiles. And, now is the age of smartphones that keep us hooked to them every now and then. With changing technology and increasing luxury, working over smartphones and tablets is now common. And, the temptation persists even when we ride ! How often have we tried ourselves to avoid these especially while driving ? A lot many cases quote this as a major cause of the accidents.

Another cause can be attributed to lack of awareness of traffic rules and regulations. The Safety Week Program held at my office actually raised my consciousness levels.

Negligence can again be attributed to breakage of traffic rules and regulations.

There are other major contributing factors as well. A very recent incident in Medak District of Telangana has seen this in the light – drinking and driving that cost the lives of innocent ones. Poor visibility owing to climatic conditions again pave way to road accidents.

Well yes, if destiny has it – we cannot escape out of all this. However, there are lot many factors that can be avoided only if we are aware, conscious, responsible  and shrewd enough.

Thanks to TCS Hyderabad for the Safety Week that we had. Well, an interesting week that called for some interesting initiatives at the corporate level involving the Delivery Managers and the Delivery Heads ensuring their respective teams adhere and follow the guidelines issued henceforth. The very first day had us taking pledge that ensure our safety in all aspects possible arising out of the contributing factors. We were supposed to fill an online survey on our driving habits and had our awareness tested. The Safety Week Awareness programs on the subsequent days were a real eye opener. Safety tips ensued hence forth. The week ended on a note on our changed driving habits, quoting of real incidents and discussions on safety measures that can be implemented.

After all, our safety lies in our own hands and only we are responsible for our lives !

Lets be more responsible from now on and lend in our hands towards ensuring ‘Zero’ Deaths ! 🙂