Spirits Up !

All of a sudden in a single moment of time sank in a lifetime of sullenness. A small gesture was enough to pin point you at your ineffectiveness or the lack of rigor. Every now and then you would encounter species who are ever ready to boost down your morale and make you feel incapacitated. They might be possessing more power, talent, time, skills and the like than you – enough to make you feel down / demoralized and unwanted. Such are the lot who hinder the path you wish to take. 

The small embrace is enough to flood you with memories of your lifetime just encircling all over your mind leaving you even more dejected and gloomy. A rejection, an unwanted sight, a refusal / denial and what not are just enough to let you down. This is the time that tests your patience and endurance. Instead of holding on to the old times that you might have went through remembering them [that only make things worse for you], take the situation as a super booster to make you forsee your future that no one else can even imagine. Charge yourself up to the level that no one had ever imagined. Optimism says you have got a super booster that anyone else rarely gets. And, this is what must keep you moving. 

Remember, no one can take hold of you or your life – only unless you surrender all those rights to conquer your life.  No one can dare encroach that. People will always be there to out throw you because they know you are an imminent danger to them in some or the other form(s). Let them think and do whatever falls in their hands. All you have to mind about is what your aspirations are and how are you going to achieve them. At times, in the conquest of your dreams, you often lose your energy and passion. Take such circumstances as a key to regain the lost determination. And, just observe the difference. No one would be able to deter you. After all, roadblocks are the stepping stones and your biggest assets because they are what teach you in the way that nothing else can. Just accept, charge yourself up and keep fighting. 

The struggle ain’t over until you give up ! 

The Game Is Still On – Check out people !


I am fool !

I am a fool to think the world’s all good,

I am a fool to think humanity still exists in this era,

I am a fool to trust people so easily,

I am a fool in not knowing what selfishness is,

I am a fool that I expect people do no harm,

I am a fool to spare my precious time on people who don’t,

I am a fool to weigh others’ needs over my own,

I am a fool to seek people’s help,

I am a fool to not utter a word against even when I am not wrong,

I am a fool to keep mum when I am being criticized for no reason,

I am a fool to be kind enough,

I am a fool in not knowing what it is to fool the people around,

I am a fool in not knowing what formalities are all about,

I am a fool to cry even over petty issues,

I am a fool to forgive people easily,

I am a fool to let go of things that are not my own,

I am a fool in not having learnt what playing with someone’s feelings is,

I am a fool to not ridicule people,

I am a fool to trust the same persons again who hurt me in the past,

I am a fool to believe all the sugary words of people around,

I am a fool in not being as judgmental as people around me are,

I am a fool that I open myself up with people to the extent that I give them the opportunity to hurt me,

I am a fool to let people hurt me all over again,

I am a fool in not being a shrewd person !




PG Turns 10 !

“Insanely different !”

This is the tag that most Puys would be acknowledged with. And who love to be called as ‘PaGaL’.. ❤

Wait ! Did I sound ‘insane’ ?! 😀

Then I must be myself.. 🙂

Yeah, if you are a die-hard CAT aspirant, then you must be a part of the world filled with insomniacs, passionists, enthusiasts,

It came as a pleasant surprise with a big smile on my face to read the very first post of the day pouring hearty wishes to PaGaLGuY.com for completing 10 wonderful years of existence.. Felt there could be no better way to start a blessed Sunday.. 🙂

Here’s wishing PaGaLGuY.com and everybody associated with it a very very Happy Birthday ! :mg: 😀

It indeed is a great milestone for all of us.

To begin with my long-cut shortened story, I got to know about PG via a friend who is now pursuing his PGP in one of the country’s most prestigious B-Schools, Indian Institute of Management, Indore. I quickly registered and realized in less than a minute of the pivotal role PG had, has and will be having in shaping the bright futures of many of the aspirants in the country.

However, I got active here only since the last 6-7 months.. Got in touch with lots of people, whom I have seen helping out everyone in need while competing as well. Have met some of them in person too during the City’s PG Meets. Drew loads of inspirations from the enthralling experiences of the Senior Puys here in their tryst with CAT, breaking the odds and strived to realise their dreams. I have been immensely motivated by the AIWTSAC – Very helpful and awesome compilations that had kept me hooked to going through all over again. Learnt and still learning more about post-MBA experiences from Seniors. Got to know so much, to what I had been oblivious. Every aspect of PG is a distinguishing feature. With no doubt, PG has been instrumental in MBA Entrance Preparations.

PG, as I see is a community that I had always wished to be a part of. It is where I am myself ! 😀

PG is the synonym of wholesome preparations and socializing as well.

In fact, PG has become an inseparable part of my life. It’s one of the best things that has happened to me. Even before I login/visit any other site, it’s this site that I first refer to. It has kept me glued always, though there’s still lots to learn and grow here.

I feel proud to be called a ‘PaGaL’.. :mg:

My best wishes to PaGaLGuY for all it’s milestones and wishing even more in future..


Thanks to everyone out there for making PG such a lively place here.