This post was meant for Children’s Day that just passed by, but then childhood holds a special place in the lives of each one of us. This is a phase that implies a lot of lessons to be remembered for a lifetime. We wish we could be kids again at some junctures in our lives. Probably, this is why we tend to kids even when we don’t know them personally. They are always a great stressbuster. A simple smile would make our day. To everyone out there, have the child in you make your life lively always!


Showcasing the purest of human emotions,
In spite of all the commotions,
Sheer innocence being the virtue,
Rarely found anywhere else..

Did we ever realize,
When did we actually grow up?

Reflecting back brings in a thousand thoughts,
We seemed so real and upfront,
Curiosity was so much welcome,
With our hearts so warm,
And full of unbiased love, life, joy, and bliss,
Spreading smiles all around,
Genuineness was a rarity to be found..

Did we ever think upon,
Why have we left all that behind?

We slowly gave in to the,
Wilderness of the adult lives,
Never ever were we so concerned,
For the unknown future,
Digging the past wasn’t a ritual,
All we knew was living in the moment,
Enjoying the present to the fullest.. 

Childhood gave us a lot of memories,
And lessons for a lifetime,
Which can simplify the man-made complexities,
Pangs of adulthood and its anxieties!


Still Holding On!

In my world of emptiness, 

You were the gleam of happiness, 

Those rays of hope, 

Were all I ever craved for. 


Receding my growing feelings, 

That never got to get kindled, 

How do I express the pain, 

Of this excruciating slain ?! 


Turning me numb, 

Making me lifeless, 

I struggle to get back, 

To my actual senses. 


Even before the sun rose, 

The night never really dawned, 

Behind the smile and composure, 

I carry dabbed tears alike. 


Wandering away from every thought, 

Reminiscing the minutest moment, 

You still somewhere lurk around, 

When moving on is the only ground. 


There are still questions abound, 

Spending days pondering around, 

Pacifying and looking for answers to, 

Why do I still hold on to you ?

And You Too.. Left!

You seemed to be that ray of little hope,

When I struggled looking for the lost sheen,

Transforming into someone I rarely had been,

Smiling, chuckling, positive and all glee,

Happiness felt beautiful, yet so strange,

A simple question always made my day,

For all fears just appeared to be at bay,

Surprised to find such rare connection,

Making peace with the inherent commotion,

Awestruck at how well you could read my mind,

Conversations had been just so much manifold,

The bonding that I felt only grew stronger,

Only to find again my little world shatter,

The pieces of my soul I somehow gathered,

Had once again been not-so-unexpectedly withered,

Those unexpressed feelings did stay,

Even when you silently chose to walk away,

Unguided but stronger as I chose to evolve,

Had no other way but to resolve,

To never let my life be shrouded,

By the darkness you left!

To The Most Beautiful Soul!

The best friend to some,

Incisive critic to quite many,

The most trustworthy confidant of a lot,

Nevertheless, the saviour of all,

Countless are the roles you play,

Leaving nothing unturned on your way,

At times, my guide,

Sometimes, my mentor,

But all-time support system,

Tolerating all my tantrums,

Still, letting me be my way,

Fulfilling is the feeling,

When you are around,

Words are simply not enough,

For the expanse of all the love,

Inimitable and in the purest essence,

That pillar of my existence,

Ray of hope for sustenance,

You truly make my world whole,

For you are the most beautiful soul! ❤

Wishing you a healthy, peaceful and glorious days ahead! 😀

Poetry And Stuff!

Poetry has always been on my mind and I feel it is the most precise and loveliest form to express oneself. You just have to be your best self. After years when I didn’t get back to poetry, the dormant passion came to life and I found myself struggling to get a start. I had started reading poetry over numerous platforms but then the kick starter was missing. This post, after days together, serves to say aloud how I found the key and didn’t look back!

When you are up on a theme, get your devices ready first. By devices I mean the ones we are comfortable with. For some, a laptop works and for some, a mere pen and a paper. When ready, just start pouring out yourself in the truest of the sense. Just whatever comes to your mind should reflect in words you type or write out. This is how you get the flow. A small ignition is enough for the fire. You would realize you end up writing more than you ever thought you would.

A basic draft is now ready. All you need to do for a perfect outcome is streaming out the content in the right sense so that a meaningful result is obtained. A common myth is that poems should have rhyming words. No, it need not. Don’t just go looking out and focusing on creating rhymes. Just focus on the theme. Great, if there were rhyming that only adds charm to the reading. Now, decide how the flow should emerge out. Then, form the phrases and all accordingly by filtering out from the content drafted earlier. Make sure each line is not too long. All in all, I would ask to develop your style and keep pouring out.

A good poem I feel should be short, precise and to the point. One of the good things I feel about poetry is we need not worry about the grammar rules and sense. If the emotions are depicted well, the notion gets conveyed inherently and there the reader is connected.

In addition, be always on the lookout of an inspiration. Inspirations can drive a lot many things. Keep reading some awesome poems from books and sites like the Poetry Foundation and

Becoming great at poetry evolves over time. So keep writing and keep up the spirit! ❤

Friendship – A Celebration!

The individual journeys we embarked upon,
Entwined us through a common medium,
From attending ‘at-times’ boring lectures,
To mass bunking the sessions,
We have done them altogether..

With copying of assignments and notes,
To helping out during all our examinations,
We have had our share,
Of a roller coaster ride..

Those first ever midnight birthday wishes,
Celebrations at one another’s place,
When consistent cake facials, leg pulling and pranks,
Were no longer tagged as misnomers,
Hardly did we realize every time,
These memories were for the lifetime..

Even as we grew apart and our paths diverged,
And our lives made us more indulged,
Our bonding just deepened..

Amidst the darkest of my times,
You were my strength,
Who stood the test of time,
During my highs and the uncertainty,
And I knew, I had the treasure for eternity..

Those unanticipated calls and hangouts,
Those long pointless digressive talks,
Catching up after ages,
Make me pour out pages,
Reminiscing and laughing out at ourselves,
Only imply things had been all the same..

At every instance, you have been there to share,
Find you beside when hardly people care,
Thank you for ‘being there’..

Our lives are a lot different now,
But our hearts are still the same,
The special people in my life,
Who made it colorful, vibrant and worth living,
Thanks a lot for bearing my ranting,
Listening to my gibberish chattering,
Helping me out when I was floundering..

You are the family outside my family,
Cheers to the base of every relation,
That trust has always had its foundation,
The lifeline, lifelong bonding..

Happy Friendship Day! ❤

P S – Cannot help but mention this lovely line from F.R.I.E.N.D.S..

“I will be there for you..
For you were there for me too!”