Moving On!

With heartbreaks seem to be a common notion these days, it’s really difficult to cope up with brokenness. With this poem, I wish to convey that one must let go of the past and move on. Don’t be stuck on the path. Just change your course. No one can help us better than ourselves, for we exactly know how we feel. 


Heartbroken and stuck, 

Lost in the wilderness, 

Bewildered and shattered, 

On our way, all along, 

When future is now the past, 

With tears and despair, 

Lingering feelings seem to last, 

With no signs of repair, 

Break away from the shackles, 

Not let sadness curl on, 

For all we ought to do is, 

Just and simply move on! 





Depression And Darkness!


Captivated and entrapped,

Completely and wholly dejected,

The trails don’t seem to find a way,

I ponder, how can I run away ?!

With faltering patience,

Surprisingly dwindling faith,

And negativity looming all over,

I wonder, how do I fix this pain ?!

In spite of all the efforts,

Slinging back to the past,

Questioning my belief,

Will I ever find a sign of relief ?!

Seemingly upfront and strong,

Feeling like nothing but a weakling,

Looking for the lost shimmer of light,

Already have had enough of fight,

Lost over unreasonable bond,

How I emerge out of this,

Dreadful and unfathomable pond ?!


It’s that time of the year yet again and we find ourselves looking back what has just gone by in a seeming whisker moment away while being hopeful for a better tomorrow.


As though it just dawned by,

Can’t do anything but sigh,

How these days, weeks and months,

Apparently just flew by.


Many moments to cherish,

Of living with love and peace,

Adorned with happiness and bliss,

Grateful, for what few get to miss.


The tryst with myriad setbacks,

Dealing with sadness and pain,

Instead of giving into life’s gimmicks,

Turn them into a personal gain.


A scintilla of dreams coming true,

An iota joining the shattered crew,

A hell of a roller-coaster ride,

Paving way to probably unknown strides.


With new connections and new people,

Reliving the memories with the fellas,

Let’s take in the positivism with glee,

Letting all the negativism flee.


As we reflect back,

Take the lessons forward,

Make the most of the moment,

Work on the flaws and not torment.


To this amazing life and people,

Not letting our hearts cripple,

Let hopes and wishes cohere,

Towards this yet another New Year! 🙂 ❤ 


This post was meant for Children’s Day that just passed by, but then childhood holds a special place in the lives of each one of us. This is a phase that implies a lot of lessons to be remembered for a lifetime. We wish we could be kids again at some junctures in our lives. Probably, this is why we tend to kids even when we don’t know them personally. They are always a great stressbuster. A simple smile would make our day. To everyone out there, have the child in you make your life lively always!


Showcasing the purest of human emotions,
In spite of all the commotions,
Sheer innocence being the virtue,
Rarely found anywhere else..

Did we ever realize,
When did we actually grow up?

Reflecting back brings in a thousand thoughts,
We seemed so real and upfront,
Curiosity was so much welcome,
With our hearts so warm,
And full of unbiased love, life, joy, and bliss,
Spreading smiles all around,
Genuineness was a rarity to be found..

Did we ever think upon,
Why have we left all that behind?

We slowly gave in to the,
Wilderness of the adult lives,
Never ever were we so concerned,
For the unknown future,
Digging the past wasn’t a ritual,
All we knew was living in the moment,
Enjoying the present to the fullest.. 

Childhood gave us a lot of memories,
And lessons for a lifetime,
Which can simplify the man-made complexities,
Pangs of adulthood and its anxieties!

Still Holding On!

In my world of emptiness, 

You were the gleam of happiness, 

Those rays of hope, 

Were all I ever craved for. 


Receding my growing feelings, 

That never got to get kindled, 

How do I express the pain, 

Of this excruciating slain ?! 


Turning me numb, 

Making me lifeless, 

I struggle to get back, 

To my actual senses. 


Even before the sun rose, 

The night never really dawned, 

Behind the smile and composure, 

I carry dabbed tears alike. 


Wandering away from every thought, 

Reminiscing the minutest moment, 

You still somewhere lurk around, 

When moving on is the only ground. 


There are still questions abound, 

Spending days pondering around, 

Pacifying and looking for answers to, 

Why do I still hold on to you ?

And You Too.. Left!

You seemed to be that ray of little hope,

When I struggled looking for the lost sheen,

Transforming into someone I rarely had been,

Smiling, chuckling, positive and all glee,

Happiness felt beautiful, yet so strange,

A simple question always made my day,

For all fears just appeared to be at bay,

Surprised to find such rare connection,

Making peace with the inherent commotion,

Awestruck at how well you could read my mind,

Conversations had been just so much manifold,

The bonding that I felt only grew stronger,

Only to find again my little world shatter,

The pieces of my soul I somehow gathered,

Had once again been not-so-unexpectedly withered,

Those unexpressed feelings did stay,

Even when you silently chose to walk away,

Unguided but stronger as I chose to evolve,

Had no other way but to resolve,

To never let my life be shrouded,

By the darkness you left!