The First Festivity!

Dated – 14th January, 2015.

I know it’s almost 1.5 months late that I am posting.. That’s why the date 😛

Better late than never 😛 😀

So, before I proceed.. I wish loads of happiness, success and joy for one and all this season and all those that are yet to come.. Wishing this year is different and presents itself with bundles of happiness around 🙂

This Sankranti was Special. I got to know about one of the important Telugu traditions observed here.. The Kolu on the eve of Makar Sankranti. We all are aware of the importance Makar Sankranti holds for all of us. Kolu is no exception. You might get hold of it if I say it’s also called as ‘Bommala Koluvu’ – a collection of dolls. It’s a display of dolls, figures, idols and the like to depict our culture and/or everyday life.

Kolu also has a significant connection with agricultural economy of ancient India. It is said that in order to encourage dredging and de-silting of irrigation canals and riverbeds the Kolu celebration was aimed at providing demand for the clay material from such activities. There are many customs and beliefs in different parts of India that imbue sacred status to clay. Dissolving Ganesha dolls made of wet clay into the water system is one such belief. Another example is the Bengali tradition of using clay that has been tread upon by the most beautiful girl in the area to sculpt the face of the Goddess Durga, the belief being that this would be the best way to approximate the perfect features of the Goddess. [From Wiki]

Here’s a sneak peek into one such entry of ours at the Account and Office Level that won us the consolation prize. The other entries were simply mindblowing. Kudos to the extraordinary efforts! :thumbsup:


Overall, it was another enjoyable day seeing my associates display such enthusiasm during Kolu Competition and Kite Flying. Ah! What a scene watching those marvellous kites flying knowing no boundaries! 😀

Even the Rangolis were spectacular, each one different and unique in its own sense 🙂

Lets keep our traditions alive in and around us ! 🙂



A Brand New Year, A Brand New Me!

Wanted so much to start this year’s note by wishing everyone out there a Very Happy And Prosperous New Year! 🙂

I know I am a month a late but it’s better than never.. 😛

Hush! 2014 seems to have passed just in a blink of a second when 2015 arrived. The bygone year, like the other years, was eventful in itself. It might have brought plethora of smiles around, but it was another year that tested each one of us.

No one would quite disagree with the fact that the bygones years have been no less than roller coaster rides in themselves. Quite eventful years! When we look back, so much has changed yet we are in the delusion that nothing has changed. We are now better and stronger individuals who have learnt to deal with trying times with ease and composure. We have had our own times of pleasure as well. Let’s all cherish them for a lifetime.

So another brand new year ahead full of resolutions, promises to be kept, dreams to be realized and miles to go before one sleeps.. 🙂

Well, I was ready with my bucket full of resolutions – few of which I am working upon and don’t know about the fate of few others 😛

Let’s not hold on to the yester year’s grudges and start afresh. Let’s be best of the best ! 😀

So, here’s wishing everyone a grand year ahead.. Hope this is full of sweet and lovely surprises 🙂

The Lovely Day Again !

What a month August has been ! 

From Friendship Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day to now Vinayaka Chaturthi.. We all got to witness endless celebrations adding myriad colors of happiness around. We witnessed long weekends which luckily today is the last on e of the month ending on another positive note. 

Its again that time of the year that brings liveliness around with gatherings and poojas. Though I miss, but I won’t let myself miss the fun and the auspiciousness of the occasion. I still remember my old good home days where the day kick started with rushing for preparations.



The 9 days from now symbolise the confined happiness and joy that give an altogether different meaning to life. When Lord Ganesha has been attributed to solving all out hurdles out, its time we celebrate and embrace him with even more adulation and respect. 

With passing years, my respect has only grown. 

Here’s wishing everyone fulfilling Ganesha Chaturthi and Years ahead ! 🙂

Vinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations ! 2013


The zealous festivity that brings new life, smiles and drives out all fears from life arrived on 9th September, 2013.

Lord Ganesha is the first deity to be worshiped. However, the very much essence of his presence is enough to lend you a new hope for the upcoming life. The positivism derived is tremendous. Though we turn more pious this time around.. But I miss the fun of worshiping, preparing Prasadam, offering the same to the deity and finally having them.. 😀


The Palace Feel at Sector - 2, Bhilai !

Whatever it be, the aura the festivity fills the surroundings is just lovely. I must say..

“Lord Ganesha, You give me power, hope and the energy for sustenance.. I know my days won’t be the same.. They will change for sure. The same holds for everyone else too !” 🙂

Though the 9 days of celebrations are over having ended yesterday.. The feel is not lost !

Wishing The Best For The Year Around and Signing Off With A Lovely Pic Taken In Bhilai, Chhattisgarh As A Part Of The Celebrations ! 😀