Moving On!

With heartbreaks seem to be a common notion these days, it’s really difficult to cope up with brokenness. With this poem, I wish to convey that one must let go of the past and move on. Don’t be stuck on the path. Just change your course. No one can help us better than ourselves, for we exactly know how we feel. 


Heartbroken and stuck, 

Lost in the wilderness, 

Bewildered and shattered, 

On our way, all along, 

When future is now the past, 

With tears and despair, 

Lingering feelings seem to last, 

With no signs of repair, 

Break away from the shackles, 

Not let sadness curl on, 

For all we ought to do is, 

Just and simply move on! 





The Happiness Advantage!

An interesting book that I found and took it up. It talks about the seven principles that can help us perform better in the workplace.

I couldn’t judge what the book might be about going by the title. I was smitten by the theme as I got started by the book. It is all about how ‘happiness’ can actually drive ‘performance’ and ‘success’ at work. It’s a common notion that we think we would be happy when successful. This book would make you think otherwise. And, I couldn’t agree more.


As such, this book is a must read as to how we could imbibe these simple tricks in our lives and see making huge differences in how we see life and work.

This book is also a great tool for all the ‘would-be’ Managers who can actually try to understand the nuances and try them out with the team. Such experiments can truly boost the overall productivity of the team and improve work culture as well.

I strongly believe we need not limit these to just our workplace, but learn to put to use in our day-to-day lives as well.

Shawn lists out these seven principles in a wonderful way and talks about the strategies that could help us implement them. This book is always worth a revisit and such a pleasure to read.

A profound book, perfect for gifting!   

Highly recommended.