Depression And Darkness!


Captivated and entrapped,

Completely and wholly dejected,

The trails don’t seem to find a way,

I ponder, how can I run away ?!

With faltering patience,

Surprisingly dwindling faith,

And negativity looming all over,

I wonder, how do I fix this pain ?!

In spite of all the efforts,

Slinging back to the past,

Questioning my belief,

Will I ever find a sign of relief ?!

Seemingly upfront and strong,

Feeling like nothing but a weakling,

Looking for the lost shimmer of light,

Already have had enough of fight,

Lost over unreasonable bond,

How I emerge out of this,

Dreadful and unfathomable pond ?!


Lean In : Women, Work And The Will To Lead!

I couldn’t have imagined a better start to the year than taking up this amazing book from my shelf.

I had just an iota of things about Sheryl Sandberg, which this profound book helped shape my views about what a wonderful and inspirational model Sheryl is. As she mentions early in the book that this is not a philosophical book, nor is a self-help kind and neither is it a biography. It is an astounding amalgamation of all these and in fact, I wouldn’t be wrong to say “more”.


I had never given much thought to the perception of feminism earlier until this book happened. Sheryl enlightens us with her exclusive thoughts on feminism, but then she does make it a point to not fall into the trap of gender bias. She talks about the issues women face in their lives while managing their personal lives which get intertwined with their professional world. She highlights how challenging it becomes for women to satisfy everyone in the myriad roles they play during the course of their time. She lists down excerpts from her own personal life [which in itself, is no less than worth admiration] and aligns them with the points she brings to the table. Her most important stressed point is working towards equality in the world and overcoming gender bias. With this book, she has set role models in the form of Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg, for their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Since charity begins at home, Sheryl urges everyone to work on equality and more communication.

I was influenced by one of the lines from her book. She says, “there won’t be more female leaders in the future, there will only be leaders”. There are more such instances and notes which will leave a deep impact on our thinking and mindset and help us come out of the boundaries we [especially, women] set around ourselves.

Truly, an intense and a must-read book for everyone out there.

Happy Reading! ❤