It’s that time of the year yet again and we find ourselves looking back what has just gone by in a seeming whisker moment away while being hopeful for a better tomorrow.


As though it just dawned by,

Can’t do anything but sigh,

How these days, weeks and months,

Apparently just flew by.


Many moments to cherish,

Of living with love and peace,

Adorned with happiness and bliss,

Grateful, for what few get to miss.


The tryst with myriad setbacks,

Dealing with sadness and pain,

Instead of giving into life’s gimmicks,

Turn them into a personal gain.


A scintilla of dreams coming true,

An iota joining the shattered crew,

A hell of a roller-coaster ride,

Paving way to probably unknown strides.


With new connections and new people,

Reliving the memories with the fellas,

Let’s take in the positivism with glee,

Letting all the negativism flee.


As we reflect back,

Take the lessons forward,

Make the most of the moment,

Work on the flaws and not torment.


To this amazing life and people,

Not letting our hearts cripple,

Let hopes and wishes cohere,

Towards this yet another New Year! 🙂 ❤ 


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