A Fight That’s Worth!

I have come to believe that you are worth a lot and immensely lucky if;

  • You have your family standing by your side acting as your pillar of strength, no matter how the time shows up like at different stages of your life.
  • You are bestowed with all the love of your family, friends, and relatives – love that is inexplicably unconditional and pure.
  • You are groomed to turn into an individual who is self-sufficient and independent.
  • You have a purpose to live on and have realized what you are meant for.
  • And most importantly, you are blessed with the best of health.

This is a special post in which I would like to introduce an amazing couple, Mr. Nitesh Prajapat and Mrs. Dimple Parmar. I was oblivious to their existence until last week when an article on YourStory.com took me by storm. They have recently graduated from the prestigious, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. Apparently, they also happen to be friends of a close friend of mine.

It was when Mr. Nitesh had just incubated his startup and was working towards it while juggling alongside his studies, life had different plans for him.

Strangely enough, we often are so engrossed in the world of our own problems that we fail to see the big picture. When we are crying over the small things in life, this gentleman, Mr. Nitesh has everything but the last.

He was diagnosed with Stage III ColoRectal Cancer in mid-2016 when he was just a year old at IIM C. And then ensued a series of tests and treatments ranging from surgery and radiation therapies to several cycles of chemotherapy. As I studied about his case [for I have a particular interest in the field of Cancer Research and have come to know a bit of this and that], I just could not fathom the level of endurance this person has. Hats off!

And then when they were optimistic of clean results this June/July 2017, it was a major blow to learn that his cancer has metastasized and has spread to lungs and few other organs, accounting to 12 tumors. He is now at his final stage, stage IV which is when the doctors have shown a little hope of recovery/cure/survival, though there seems to be some stability. He has been advised clinical trials in the US via which there are people who seem to have recovered well.

This implies how this wonderful personality is who still has not given up on life and is battling this deadly disease. He still hopes to recover well, especially for the efforts and patience levels of his ‘angel’, Mrs. Dimple, who is a true epitome of love and perseverance. She stood by him all the time and is not leaving any stone unturned in the conquest of coping with cancer. A big salute to this lady!

Since they must have spent a lot of amounts already, the clinical trials are no joke [My research on this never-heard term tells me]. It seems to be costing around 3+ crores INR which is why they have turned to us for help. Let’s do our bit in helping this couple fight this demon and prove the power of our unity and strength. Let’s contribute in ways we can to see Mr. Nitesh get back to normalcy and live a life the couple has always dreamt of.

You may read more about their story at the below links;



And, below are the links for donation;



It’s an earnest request to not overlook this and share this across for there still needs to be more funds collected [~ 150,000 USD].

Hoping and praying for a successful recovery! Let’s join hands in fighting this battle!