That Bestie Ever!

From the initial steps in life,
To growing up together,
That friend from my childhood,
With memories for a lifetime,
My accomplice in mischiefs,
Fighting over petty things,
Then terribly missing when not around,
From toys, books and stuffs,
To happiness, joy and sorrows,
We have had our share in everything,
We are so much alike,
Surprisingly, yet so different,
That is iridescent of our special bond,
Sisterhood making it even more beautiful,
My pillar of strength,
My consistent support system,
Love decorated with unquestionable trust and faith,
The precious treasure of mine,
Unfathomable is the depth,
Of the blessing in disguise! ❤

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Poem.. ❤ ❤

Wishing all your dreams come to life..
The contagious smile is your most precious aspect..
Keep spreading the same and stay as you are..
Wish to see you reach unimaginable heights..
Stay healthy, wealthy, happy and lovely as you always have been! ❤ ❤