The Act Of Underestimation!

Ah! Can’t believe it’s already a week that a week passed by in a flip of a second. It was only until like a day before that we were so busy discussing how we as a team going to celebrate Independence Day at office and showcase the same towards our entry in Cubicle Decoration at office.

Phew! What a week it was! From theme to the content delivery, the speech, the collectibles and the preparations, it was all fun 🙂

We brainstormed and finally came to the flow. Needless to say, couldn’t even realize how the hours flew by. And, we were there all set on our D-Day! As was expected, we had all our team mates in white and blue that portrayed the spirit of Independence and Oneness in us. Lest I should forget to mention, we had the most lively moments in our zone when compared to others. We had 4 other teams competing with us. Must say they fared really well!

One of them were the ‘Zeniths’. They began their preparations well but then had to resort to something else owing to some issues while decorating. And, we had all others who went on to criticize them for their ‘wedding-like’ preparations and all. They had to start all over but that didn’t deter them from finishing up.

In the end, all were ready with vigour and passion. The esteemed judges arrived and went onto have a glimpse of all the nominations. Every decoration was unique in itself.

In all, it was a Friday well spent. Though tired, we knew we enjoyed the team work and realized our responsibilities towards our country. We realized what Independence means to us.

Now, coming back to a week later. We had our inboxes with the results. While we were busy identifying who were the winners, we had no clue it was this very own team – Zeniths! It was not only me but everyone else who underestimated them.

It was then that I realized that underestimating anyone does no good. You never know what someone is up to. Rather, we be concerned about our own stuffs. That reminds me we should not underestimate even oneself, especially in times of crisis/failures. We never know what we are capable of until we try and put our dedication/passion to work. Might be late, but definitely not unnoticed/unrewarded! 🙂