A Tale of Intense Unsaid Emotions – Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

An unexpected turnout to the movie theater especially for a not-so Bollywood fan in me. Thanks to my friend who took me for this Salman Starrer that’s been garnering attention all over, especially when the ‘Baahubali’ fever is still on.

As typical the name sounds, so much interesting is the movie in itself. Heard that the two movies I mentioned about, share a common writer. Kudos! No wonder why this movie is of an average Telugu movie duration.

None of us is unescaped from the charm and charisma of the child prodigy, Harshaali Malhotra, leaves over us with only a single instance. She’s the real star of the movie. What’s ironical is that this pretty lively girl just manages with her innocent expressions and doesn’t speak a word throughout the movie, only until the end – where the emotional outburst is simply not controllable [especially for emotionals like me :P], yet leaves an indelible impression on our minds.

Set in the backdrop of the likes of Kashmir/North India, the start mesmerizes me with the beautiful sceneries. The story then revolves around Harshaali who is a Pakistani, only to reveal later on that she can’t speak. In the quest to get her daughter cured, the mother embarks a journey towards a famous place in India known to be a source of panacea. 

However, as destiny has it, Harshaali gets lost and separated from her mother and lands herself in North India, which is where she gets hold of Salman Khan, an ardent Shri Hanuman Devotee. An innocent, calm, strictly vegetarian, honest and Samaritan Salman though annoyed with the kiddo initially, stays with her and vows to get her back home. The duo develop a special unexplained bonding. 

In all, a poignant story whose initial half is a bit drag. Nevertheless, it’s the second half that’s in store for the audience. A sweet surprise was Nawazuddin Siddique’s entry. He plays a crucial role. Must say, he lends in a perfect touch to the story as it progresses. If you are awaiting some humorous moments, the second half has to offer you some.

Well, Salman is no less. In spite of so many hurdles/roadblocks without a direction/guidance, he sets out with whatever it takes, just for the sake of the kiddo, until he helps her find her home back. And yes, be ready to shed some tears as the story nears the end.

A beautiful piece so rare to witness these days. Applauds for the actors and everyone connected. 

A must watch! Sends out some excellent messages to all of us, some important reflections of life and that Humanity is above everything!