The Lovely Day Again !

What a month August has been ! 

From Friendship Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day to now Vinayaka Chaturthi.. We all got to witness endless celebrations adding myriad colors of happiness around. We witnessed long weekends which luckily today is the last on e of the month ending on another positive note. 

Its again that time of the year that brings liveliness around with gatherings and poojas. Though I miss, but I won’t let myself miss the fun and the auspiciousness of the occasion. I still remember my old good home days where the day kick started with rushing for preparations.



The 9 days from now symbolise the confined happiness and joy that give an altogether different meaning to life. When Lord Ganesha has been attributed to solving all out hurdles out, its time we celebrate and embrace him with even more adulation and respect. 

With passing years, my respect has only grown. 

Here’s wishing everyone fulfilling Ganesha Chaturthi and Years ahead ! 🙂


Beating the STRESS OUT !

With life becoming fast, competitive and pressurized as days pass by, Stress is not an infrequent visitor in our ‘modernized’ lives. At some point in time, we all encounter this phase of life where in everything seems to test our patience and ability. However, we should realize these are the phases that help us learn and aid us grow stronger. Whatever life puts into has got an importance in itself and this very fact can only be understood and accepted only when experienced. The most important thing to be dealt during such phases is never letting ourselves down, take to depression and likewise. Allowing circumstances and people gain control over us and our life would result in disastrous consequences.

Have control on your thoughts. 

      1. Learn to manage stress.
      2. Change how you react to stress.
      1. Set Priorities.
      1. Take control of the situation.
      2. Discover new relaxation techniques.
      1. Figure out what is most important.
      1. Change how you see the situation.
      2. Manage how stress affects you.
      3. Set realistic goals.
      4. Avoid extremes.
      5. Avoid stressful situations.


P S – With inputs from my Corporate.

I am fool !

I am a fool to think the world’s all good,

I am a fool to think humanity still exists in this era,

I am a fool to trust people so easily,

I am a fool in not knowing what selfishness is,

I am a fool that I expect people do no harm,

I am a fool to spare my precious time on people who don’t,

I am a fool to weigh others’ needs over my own,

I am a fool to seek people’s help,

I am a fool to not utter a word against even when I am not wrong,

I am a fool to keep mum when I am being criticized for no reason,

I am a fool to be kind enough,

I am a fool in not knowing what it is to fool the people around,

I am a fool in not knowing what formalities are all about,

I am a fool to cry even over petty issues,

I am a fool to forgive people easily,

I am a fool to let go of things that are not my own,

I am a fool in not having learnt what playing with someone’s feelings is,

I am a fool to not ridicule people,

I am a fool to trust the same persons again who hurt me in the past,

I am a fool to believe all the sugary words of people around,

I am a fool in not being as judgmental as people around me are,

I am a fool that I open myself up with people to the extent that I give them the opportunity to hurt me,

I am a fool to let people hurt me all over again,

I am a fool in not being a shrewd person !




‘The Secret’ – Revealed

If you just got reminiscent of Rhonda Byrne, then I won’t be surprised to know about her’s so much acclaimed book that’s seemingly transforming lives. Just finished with ‘The Secret’ and I am here to share my cents.

Didn’t take much time to finish off with the book as I could very well relate to the facts mentioned there in. The central theme of the book revolves just around ‘The Self’. It demystifies the various apprehensions humans carry at some or the other stage(s) of their lives. It starts with simple revelations and goes on to explain the utility while stressing on the importance of the same. The application(s) follow hence forth. The entire base lies upon – ‘You’ who’s the subject, object and the carrier of the controversial book. It has insights from several very renowned authors/businessmen who have contributed their part in substantiating the stated facts.

Rhonda has tried to teach its subjects that life is what and how we create out of it. Its our thoughts, desires, passion and dedication that drives the events of our lives. She has tried to very well explicate her reasoning with real life examples that seem no lesser than a miracle. She says negativity attracts negativity in our lives and as a result, fills in more of it into our lives. If we try to nullify this out with positivity, it can do wonders. As Paulo Coelho states in his famous book [one of my favorites too :D], the whole world conspires in getting the one that we diligently long for – the same line that was copied in OSO as well, Rhonda reiterates the same. If we can instill a sense of positivity in and around us with focus completely on the things we want to accomplish, we really can turn the clock around and see our dreams becoming a reality. To say the other way, we would be moulding our lives in the way we envision and want to witness in reality.

Another interesting thing that Rhonda has emphasized is – Hopes and Expectations. She urges the reader to start expecting the desired events while working towards the same. And, the entire process won’t be disappointing.

Well, one can relate to so many stated facts.. But, the circumstances differ for each one of us. There are many takeaways though. It’s completely up to the reader to take it the way life throws him/her in situations and ask him/her to deal with. Exact practical application seems bleak though. Nevertheless, quite many can easily be implemented and observed for results.

The book provides a perfect solace to a highly frustrated, dejected and demotivated individual who has lost all hopes in life. A motivating and enlightening read, it was.

And – Another Good Read, Indeed ! 🙂

P S – Time for the next 😛

The Sugary Rakhi Bonding !

It’s yet again the second Sunday of the month. Having celebrated Friendship Day last week, this time it’s Rakhi that has brought quite many apprehensions with it – as I witness the Internet Memes getting circulated around ! 😛

However, again a special day for me. A day to remember the greatness of a Brother-Sister bonding and the love/fun/joy of togetherness. I might sound too emotional but I realize the worth since I don’t have one.

A brother as I see is your best friend and your guide for life. For me, I am grateful for the ones I have in my life, no matter if I share a blood relation with them. They are my role models whom I look up to for inspiration. At every step / phase of life, your brother would be there to support you and shower all his love and affection towards you.

I am grateful towards life for having bestowed upon me such wonderful relations ! 🙂

Thanks, Life ! 😀

Best wishes to everyone.. Have a great one yet again ! 🙂

The Inherent Joy Within Writing !

It was just when I got a random thought to pen down my thoughts on taking up writing that I realized its worth. Our thoughts are like wanderers. They come and pass by without notice. A thought struck now can vanish away in no seconds. And, probably that is the reason why there are people who carry a notepad and pen with them every other place they visit so that the thoughts don’t really wander away before put on the paper. 

School days made me realize my writing skills that was recognized by my teachers and perceived well. However, I lost touch during my college days. It’s now that I realize how important writing is to me that I have taken it up again !

Amateurish may sound my writing skills.. But, writing is the activity that keeps me pacified. It allows me to express myself [a poorly developed skillset] in the way I am. I need not even think about what others are going to think and interpret out of this. The freedom is mine in its entirety. I am not bounded by any shackles. There are no limits to the thoughts that arise out of this very moment that I have sat down to share my perceptions.

A careful analysis will point out that the most important aspect of writing is developing a well defined thought process. Yes, I meant streamlining of the thought process to reflect clarity of thought, perception and expression. Writing, very unlike thoughts, is not a random task. It needs careful analysis and decision making to produce a final output. One just can go and brag about a likened thing by concluding first and then introducing it to the audience whereby you actually have lost their much desired attention, interpretation and reaction. Probably, this is one feature that we even unknowingly execute while delivering a speech or an colloquial conversation on a trivial subject. Just a spark is needed that ignites the next process and in the process, we find a well written page of our life in front of our eyes !

Writing needs a skeleton and this skeleton provides a well-defined structure to the thoughts and hence their expression or execution. You start reflecting on a topic of your interest and analyze it from various fronts. This helps a lot in decision making process. This way we create our own thoughts that can differentiate us.

There are other things as well packaged with writing. We learn the correct usage of a word or a phrase. Eventually, time makes us perfect in this facet. Each phase of life that cannot be captured in its entirety in photographs / videos / memories take the forms of verbiage.

However, writing is not less than a mammoth task. The perfect audience needs to be identified and writing in a way that the target audience won’t fall to the traps laid by differing perceptions is the ultimate challenge.

In the end, the most beautiful joy I derive is satisfaction. I get a feeling that there is someone to listen to me without any complaints and restrictions. I am a free bird. My thoughts are not rebuked at. The feelings I cannot express with words can be expressed well in writing. The same holds if I have something within myself that I cannot share with anyone else. Then I know.. Yes, I have a true companion – My Diary !

Probably, once in a lifetime, if we get to revisit these pages of life.. We can relive those phases and probably learn from the mistakes / lessons of life for our good and the good of others.

Happy Writing ! 🙂


Freunde fürs Leben !

Mark Twain once said.. 

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

 Can we all relate to this ? Atleast I can. Picked this up from a lovely site –

 Though I cannot attribute the individualistic contribution of each of these factors, I can atleast say – Friends are my life. Yes, it’s the friendship week this time around and the markets are flooded with Friendship Bands / bracelets / gifts / thumb rings to let people provide their testimony towards friendship. Indian Culture has not specified this but it is the West that has influenced the minds of the youth that seems to provided another way to say cheers to life that has given us one of the most precious gifts of life – FRIENDSHIP !

 Here goes a small gesture from my end for all my friends that I was introduced to – Just to echo what life has bestowed upon me. 

“Just when I thought my world was limited to family..

Strangers encroached my space sneakingly..

With them, time flew away most of the day..

When actually shyness, timidity and reservedness kept me at bay..

Selfishness ensured I never taste what friendship was all about..

Made me run away and avoid people day in and out..

Had my share of fights, misunderstandings and gossips..

Realized later on – that was what life had to teach me on..

School days swept away and memories faded..

Since the mind had no particular person jaded..

Came my college days and beyond with new hopes and rays..

Group studies, assignments, experiments became routine of the passing days..

Never knew were actually creating a strong bond of friendship in the midst..

Troubles and turmoils moulded us together..

Outings, parties, birthdays became order of the day..

No one had any complaint to say..

Till this day, those moments of – laughs, tears, pain, misunderstandings, scoldings, mockery, fun, togetherness –  we cherish..

Will never let them lighten away or perish..

Distance might keep us apart..

But not our hearts..

Such a strange bonding even when we are not from the same ancestry..

Such is life that has had this in history..

Never knew it would become so special..

Lucky to have them and wish to prolong the same..

Finally, Its never ever late to say,

Happy Friendship Day ! 🙂 “


P.S. – To All My Friends for being in my life.. A Huge Thanks ! 🙂