73 days to Redemption !

So, it’s just 73 days around the corner for the D-Day – the day when so many would satiate their Redemption.. Yes, I am talking about the tryst with CAT.. It’s now or never !!

The journey that started long back.. Ummm, almost 2 years now.. just has nearly 2.5 months in hand to kill it. The previous season ended on unsuccessful and failed notes that has fueled the Redemption.. Hopefully, I wish it’s the last one for all the deserving ones I see right out there competing for the top ranks in the Mocks.

Coming to my peculiar case, I am nowhere around them. These people are Gods ! They deserve the only the best of the best. And, I know they will be awarded their due well in time.

However, there are some observations that I wish to put down here that might be the case with fellow mates like me struggling hard to maul the Mocks so that everything turns out well on the day lying 73 days ahead as of now.

My mock season started with missing out on the very first mocks of TIME and Career Launcher, owing to different reasons that lay back to the 2012 season. Then, with a broken preparation of almost 7 months from 4th November 2012, the season kick started without any high hopes of scores altogether. This was only to realise that those were my highest scores till date across all of the mocks that I took. It’s a well-known fact that the mocks being thrown there after were intentionally of higher level so that people like me don’t become complacent enough 😛

However, my downgrading performance can be owed to myriad reasons and fallacies, ofcourse from my end – Inadequate preparation and/or analysis, external factors, temperament and the like. I inherently got the sinking feeling that I am just not the one having seen my friends excel even in all of them. Their consistency made me even more nervous but kept me motivated as well. Kept my preparations on and started with part by part preparation especially in Verbal Ability. The analysis and the sectional preparations helped. Post this, tried to imbibe these onto mocks. To my utter dismay, the conditions did not at all improve. Adding to this, were additional tensions. Huh.. Series of frustrations ensued.

Had my AIMCAT 1414 last week , reviews of which gave a sense that this relatively belonged to the easier lot. Though, I did not take that for granted, I tried my best. However, as with the previous mocks, I realised I shook back to same old nervous and cringe while taking the mock. What followed was a disastrous mock result – yet again 😦

As I sat analyzing the mock again, I found myself faring far far better as when I sat down to take it up in the CAT like environment. There were so many doable problems that I messed up with just out of sheer nervousness, the fear of failure and most importantly, the urge to score better.

How strange it is to see myself scoring better when there were absolutely no expectations than with preparations, strategies and all !! :O

So, CAT, my friends is more than just an online examination to get you through the IIMs. It’s more about management in itself – managing your time, your strategies, thinking and working out. It needs a balanced state of mind and that’s what is critical to belling it. Not only with regards to CAT, this is true in every other case as well.

It’s important to remember and note that one needs to work hard and passionately with no expectations in return. Expectations, no matter their size, do kill at some point in time. Better not mess that up with something really crucial.

And yes, to the nervousness thing that haunts people like me, there needs to be ample practice and a state of equilibrium required that would reflect in the state of mind and eventually in the CAT Results.

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Friendship Day.. It’s the First Sunday of August. The Most Important and Crucial Days lie ahead.

ATB ! 🙂